Walls That Learn

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Has your mind ever wandered from your focus on the classwork you are doing? I am sure that it has! As your eyes roam around the room, perhaps you will encounter a poster that reminds you of an important Chemistry concept. Hopefully this will also remind you to refocus and pay attention to what is going on in class. The more posters we have, the better and more educated you will all become. Every time we encounter a really important concept or idea, a student in our class could create a poster about it to place on the walls. Please contribute to the classroom in a fun, educational and decorative way. Sketch below what you propose to draw on your poster. Label the colors you will use and the scale of the items (in centimeters). Letters should be around 10 cm tall so it is easy to see them from across the room. Posters should be limited to one simple concept not a whole range of ideas.

Turn in this paper for approval before starting your poster, at least the day before the end of the quarter (not during semester exam week), starting much earlier is always a good idea. Bonus homework points ranging from 10 to 25 will be awarded based on the appearance, detail and accuracy of your poster. Posters that are nice and neat and have some kind of graphic on them earn the most points. One poster per person per quarter maximum. Posters will stay on the wall until the end of the second week of the next quarter.